Our Success Stories and Testimonials will continue to be posted. Here you will find many completed products along with client success stories, photos of their products, and speaking testimonials. Feel free to link to their websites and view their product offerings.

Customer Testimonials:

“Christina has assisted me in my women’s apparel design and manufacturing business for over 10 years, starting with pattern making.  Her pattern making is an art form and her necessity for perfection has always guaranteed professional and exact patterns.

Throughout the years, she has become an integral part of my business, providing a never ending knowledge of resources and business guidance. ”

Kathleen Haggerty, President of Haggerty Artwear, LLC.

Chris, Thank you very much! I am very pleased with this first version of the brace, and I am looking forward to the next stages.  I appreciate all the hard work that you and your team put into this project to deliver a very solid product. Kyle Pappas, Owner, CEVO Sports, LLC.                                May, 2012


October 2009 Newsletter  Archives

Message from the President

Dear SRN members,

It’s always fun to get together each month and talk shop, and get some new information from our speakers. Last month Chris Esposito, President of Apparel Design Partners, was great. I’ve been quoting her all over, to clients and fellow seamstresses, to wit, we are a RARE species and deserve every (large amount) of pennies we can charge. So, yes, I’m charging more. And valuing ALL our talents so much more. I’m also glad to know someone to send clients to, who can be better served by her with her specific expertise and experience.

Marci Heiser, President

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